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Welcome at

If you're here, you're probably looking for one of our services in Music Production, Movie Soundtrack Scoring or Voice-Over.
What's even more important is the fact that if you're here, then you're at the right place...!

Who said a home studio cannot be successful? Our studio may not be big, but it provides you with the quality you need in order to make your music, film or message heard at professional level!

You can check the gallery to see photos of our home studio and of the equipment we use to provide you with excellent services. You can also check each of the sections Music Production, Movie Soundtrack Scoring or Voice-Over, depending on what you are interested in.

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About me

My name is Florin Topolovcici and I live in Timisora, Romania. Music in general, singing, recording and producing music, sound production and sound editing, voice-over work and narration are some of my biggest passions.

I have 7 years experience in translation (including translation of subtitles), 3 years of work in television as a translator and narrator for documentaries, news, cartoons and commercials. This is when I discovered that I love narration and voice-over work.

I have been involved in playing music and singing since I was seven and gathered around 14 years of band activity being the lead vocal singer and the keyboardist of both my church band and also a rock band I was part of for 3 years, called Rockabil.

In 2003 I started to learn and to experience the art of recording and producing music. This has become my passion and the opportunity to enrich my experience in this area has come along as I started to record my band and also get involved in other audio oriented projects.

I had the chance to also write and record music for 2 short independent films, of which one, VI 21, has also won a prize at the Alba Short Film Festival in 2008, in Alba Iulia, Romania.

My experience in sound production and sound editing includes the production of commercials for television and radio. For such projects I did both the recording and the voice over work.





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